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Everything You Need To Know About CJC-1295

Everything You Need To Know About CJC-1295 Netherlands

Commonly known as a long-acting growth hormone releasing factor (GHRH) analogue, CJC-1295 promotes lean body mass, boosts muscle gain and increases optimal strength. Compared to standard GH injections, this growth hormone peptide enhances well being and therapeutic effects with less dosing required and lengthens the lifespan for releasing growth hormone.

The first 29 amino acids of endogenously produced GHRH serve as the basis for the CJC-1295 DAC peptide chemistry since they carry out the entire organic function. In order to increase this peptide’s stability and make it stronger compared to the original CJC1295 NO DAC, four amino acids have been changed. According to one Netherlands study, these additional amino acids increase the GHRH receptor’s ability to attach to them, increasing their efficiency.

Benefits of CJC-1295 DAC Peptide Netherlands

Experts find that CJC 1295 peptide therapy can boost the blood serum levels of HGH within a week or two. Other peptides don’t pose a risk to CJC DAC. Netherlands Research shows benefits of CJC-1295 as increased growth hormone release which stimulates muscle growth, fat metabolism, improved skin tone, immune system, muscular definition, and increased muscle mass [1].

Side effects of CJC-1295

Although, CJC-1295 peptide therapy has many benefits to offer, there are no such things as a perfect solution. This growth hormone releasing peptide’s side effects are associated with the stimulation of the pituitary gland. The early result is a surge of growth hormone, causing a head rush or euphoria. Usually lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours after injection. Other side effects include redness, itching, and pain through injection site.

The CJC-1295 DAC Cycle

A recent Netherlands study took CJC-1295 twice a day within a few weeks. The cycle is specially meant to mimic the natural selection of the growth hormone. Since the half-life with DAC is up to 8 days, the dosing is less frequent for CJC1295. This means the cycle for CJC 1295 peptide therapy with DAC calls for a weekly injection, increasing GH secretion.

CJC-1295 Muscle Growth and Bodybuilding

The natural secretion of human growth hormone starts to decline over time. Therefore, people find it hard in building muscle mass as adolescent growth ends. However this can be counteracted thanks to the development of HGH injections. Through studies the development of HGH injections have detailed the changes of HGH in an adult body, including decreased body fat, increased bone density, increased energy levels, cognitive function and muscle mass [1].

While most people use GH releasing hormone for other uses like bodybuilding, clinics, healthcare professionals and physicians continue to prescribe medications like CJC1295 to GH deficient adults [2]. Netherlands Research has shown an increase in plasma GH concentrations and Insulin growth factor (IGF 1) concentrations to burn fat and build lean muscle without adverse effects which is why many athletes and bodybuilders continue to use CJC-1295.

What does CJC with DAC do?

The primary purpose of this human growth hormone releasing peptide is to promote protein synthesis and rapidly increase the growth of  lean muscle tissue. Other benefits consist of faster injury recovery, decrease in body fat, increased physical strength and improved skin tone. It also has the power to stimulate cell growth improving sleep quality, healthy skin, mental clarity, strong immunity, and internal organ mass. Adding the Drug Affinity Complex (DAC) increases the half life of the peptide.

Does CJC cause water retention?

Of course, yes. CJC 1295 peptide therapy causes water retention at a higher dose [3]. It usually occurs after the stimulation of the pituitary gland. Other users notice increased tiredness as well as water retention. After weeks, the body has enough time to adapt, resolving the side effects.

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Other peptides:

GHRP 6 Cycle

Growth Hormone Replacement Peptide can be utilised in conjunction with CJC-1295 DAC because of its effect on GH secretion. For the CJC-1295 DAC weekly cycle, GHRP 6 injection causes a surge of growth hormone without giving a boost in prolactin and cortisol. Explore GHRP-6 peptide from Direct Peptides.


  • CJC-1295 NO DAC also known as Modified GRF1-29

Direct Peptides offers CJC-1295 No DAC in 2mg, 5mg and 10mg vials, in addition to a peptide nasal spray, and pre-mixed peptide pen. CJC No DAC can also be dosed with Ipamorelin, GHRP-6 and GHRP-2. Direct Peptides offers a number of these combinations in convenient peptide blends or stacks. CJC-1295 NO DAC has a reduced half life compared to with DAC.

  • CJC-1295 DAC

Direct Peptides offers CJC-1295 in 2mg, 5mg and 10mg vials, in addition to a peptide nasal spray, and pre-mixed peptide pen. CJC-No DAC can also be dosed with GHRP-6 and HGH Fragment 176-191. Direct Peptides offers a number of these combinations in convenient peptide blends.


Ipamorelin used in conjunction with CJC-1295 No DAC that causes a surge of growth hormone without cortisol and prolactin. It is also know to improve insulin sensitivity. Ipamorelin peptide is available from Direct Peptides.

Injection Instructions

CJC1295 can be considered a non-pyrogenic, sterile and white lyophilised powder tailored for intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.
Some subjects have found taking GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 at night can cause drowsiness and improve quality sleep patterns.

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The products mentioned in this post is intended for research and medical purposes only to be used by trained professionals.


[1] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ 16352683/

[2] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pmc/articles/PMC2662962/

[3] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pmc/articles/PMC5632578/


DISCLAIMER: These products are intended solely as a research chemical only. This classification allows for their use only for research development and laboratory studies. The information available on our Netherlands Direct Peptides website: https://netherlands.direct-peptides.com is provided for educational purposes only. These products are not for human or animal use or consumption in any manner. Handling of these products should be limited to suitably qualified professionals. They are not to be classified as a drug, food, cosmetic, or medicinal product and must not be mislabelled or used as such.

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